The Denouement of Summer

I know that summer does not end officially until September 22, but Labor Day weekend has always been the unofficial end of the season for people in the US.

You don’t have to admit this, but did you work straight through the summer thinking that there would be plenty of time to enjoy it—only to now discover that it went by in a poof?

Did you miss it?

This is no judgement on those who may have missed the lighter side and the joys of the summer season. This is a reminder, though, that you have a few more weeks to stop and smell the roses…listen to the birds in the morning….or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Some leaders proudly wear the badge of all work, all the time. There was a time when this was something to brag about, but not so much today. Taking time to reboot and recharge opens your ability to be more creative and to see things that you may have missed.

And, as a leader, you need to set the example to your people that it’s OK to have down time, whether it’s a real vacation or a few days off. Otherwise, your staff can feel unsettled as to whether it’s really OK to take off time themselves.

With that in mind, whether you fire up the barbecue, play some tennis, or just do nothing for an afternoon, take advantage of the Labor Day weekend ahead.

Header image by Nathan Cowley/Pexels.

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