The Curse of Silos

Do your departments communicate well with each other? Do they know each other’s work product? Challenges? Successes?

I had an aggravating experience trying to do a simple upgrade of a software service. I was on several phone calls for 2-1/2 hours to implement something that I thought was straightforward.

I concluded, however, that the reason it turned into such a production was because the upgrade resided in a different department and the two departments don’t talk to each other.

Same product, different level of service. Horrible communication.

Aside from the frustration of dealing with the various representatives in too many call centers, it reminded me that if large multinational companies are so siloed that they can’t figure this out, it’s an opportunity for small to mid-sized companies to shine.

Think about it: you can beat out large company competitors simply because you’re focused on the client. What a concept!

All of this said, pay special attention to your own internal silos. Make sure that your staff knows enough about what goes on elsewhere in your company so that they are at least competent to know who to ask if a client inquires about something outside of their domain.

Compartmentalizing products or services is great for operational efficiency. The downside is if the customer unknowingly suffers as a result. Communication is mission-critical in these cases, and your leadership team needs to pay careful and diligent attention.

Have a great day!

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