Summer Musings

Summer has officially arrived, and many people are revving up for some well-deserved time off. There shouldn’t be a need to say this, but my hope for you is that you take advantage and enjoy the season.

If you wake up 10 weeks from now and wonder what happened to summer, it will be too late. So, for all of you dedicated leaders, here are a few thoughts.

Summer may not be your preferred vacation time, but the season is conducive to slowing down a bit and enjoying a change of pace.

The benefits of taking down time are well-documented. You reduce stress by decreasing the high-pressured pace that you’re used to. Stress reduction leads to better overall health, so you win by unwinding.

Taking more leisure time also has the benefit of gaining new perspective. When your mind is focused on things that are out of your ordinary scope, you can see things differently and gain new focus.

And, of course, if you tend towards being a workaholic, taking more down time gives you more time to enjoy your family and friends.

If you tend to be a more intense leader, don’t leave the summer to chance. Commit to 3 or 4 things that will give you a chance to enjoy a change of pace during the next few months. It can be a weekend away or even a day doing something outside of your usual activities.

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