Shifting Focus to the New Year

We’re almost there – only a few more days until the calendar turns to 2019. How do you feel about 2018? Did it live up to your expectations? Or are you wistfully thinking about what could have been different?

The end of the year is often a time of reflection.

+ What did you learn that helped you move forward?
+ What did you accomplish that you feel proud of?
+ What do you feel especially good about?
+ What do you want to do differently next year?
+ Are you happy with your life?

Ah…that last question is one that always seems to float around our consciousness, especially at this of the year. Earlier this week, The New York Times published an article about the town of Kauniainen, Finland. As you may remember, Finland was named the happiness country in the world earlier this year. This town boasts the most satisfied residents of the country, so it was intriguing to learn what makes it so special.

The heart of why these people are so satisfied relates to their engagement in extra-curricular activities. Indeed, this town of 9,000 residents has some 100 subsidized sports and cultural clubs. 15% of residents take classes at the Adult Education Center.

Note that there wasn’t any mention in the article about professional gratification or satisfaction.

I’m not suggesting that taking ice skating classes or learning Swedish is the answer to happiness. But reading about this community got my attention because it’s so very different from the lives of most people I know.

And as you know, different perspective may be just the thing to trigger new thinking, which in turn, can redirect your actions.

Wishing you new perspective and all the best in the New Year!

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