Relationship Connections

How do you develop your relationships? Do you have a conscious plan to see them, interact with them, or reach out on their behalf? How frequently are you in touch?

The answers to these questions today are different than even five years ago. I surveyed a few people recently, and two people’s responses were representative of the others. One person said, “Of course – I just texted her” and another offered, “I’m sure they saw my Facebook page, so they know what I’m up to.”

You know where I’m going with this. Although texting or posting on Facebook are in much wider usage today, it is shortsighted to think that these are the best ways to stay in touch.

Another favorite: “I tried to call…but she never calls me back!” Did it ever occur to you that she may be dealing with some larger than life challenges and calling you back isn’t at the top of her list?

People’s lives are crazy today and admittedly, it takes more effort than ever to stay connected with people in meaningful ways. Although you may not like the (lack of) spontaneity of this idea, you need to proactively manage how you stay in touch.

As leaders, it’s up to you to be proactive. You reach out. How they respond is not your responsibility.

An acquaintance has been looking for a senior level job and I was impressed with how methodically she stayed connected with members of her network as her job search unfolded. She will be valuable to her new employer by virtue of her proactive approach to relationship management.

Staying connected isn’t about “what can you do for me now”. It’s about “what can I do for you and how can I learn more about your world.” The focus is on them, not on you.

Sounds like something worth a little reflection. Let me know your thoughts.
Have a great day!

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