Have you ever had a “Murphy’s Law” day where everything seems to go wrong….and then something unexpected happens that gives you a burst of energy?

Nearly everyone has experienced something like this. The event that triggers the burst of energy is amplified because it happens when you least expected it.

The interesting thing about this dynamic is that you can miss it entirely if you are filled with anxiety or stress or worry. It’s as if your brain freezes, making it impossible to be open to such an occurrence.

One of my clients recently went through this. He had suffered a series of setbacks and was in that frozen brain state. Fortunately, he had the wisdom to step away from the situation, creating some space to view things a bit differently.

As a result, when the unexpected event occurred, he was receptive to it, seized the moment and used it to his advantage. The outcome? The worry and stress related to the original problem dissipated, and he resumed working productively.

We’re all subject to negative influences that can take us off center. Your challenge is to move out of that place as quickly as possible so that you spend as little time as possible in an off-centered realm. One of the keys is to be open to new information, new perspectives, and indeed, to the unexpected.

The holidays are great, but stress can amplify during the days ahead. Allow yourself to be open to receiving the unexpected. You’ll be so pleased with what happens next.

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