Personal Accountability

This month we are highlighting several competencies that have become more important in our evolving workplace. Last week the focus was on the value of flexibility. Today we’ll look at personal accountability.

Do you answer for your personal actions? Unfortunately, this is becoming rarer in the workplace. People are quick to blame others and slow to take responsibility for what they did or didn’t do.

Employers view personal accountability as one of the most desirable skills that employees can possess and yet it seems to be in limited supply.

Personal accountability begins with self-awareness: are you paying close enough attention to evaluate your actions and be personally responsible for them? Or is it easier to ignore your actions?

Everyone makes mistakes. The person who is accountable, however, actively learns from such mistakes and welcomes feedback on how to improve performance.

People who take ownership in their jobs are likely to take more responsibility for what they do. The more ownership you demonstrate, the more of a personal stake you have in what you’re doing and the outcome.

Since our employees watch and model how their leaders behave, you need to be intentional in how you embrace and demonstrate personal accountability. Do you take responsibility for your actions? Or, do you take the low road and ignore your mistakes or cast blame on someone else?

You have a choice: which kind of a leader do you want to be?

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