“Paying Forward” the Legacy of RBG

I’m sure that you join me in mourning the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So much has been said already about the huge amount she contributed to the law, and in particular, to women’s rights.

She was an extraordinary public figure and everything from her contributions to the law to her unusual friendship with someone her opposite (former Justice Scalia) to being a patient mentor to so many to her demanding and disciplined workout routine revealed a person admired by many.

As I emerged from grieving her loss, I wanted to honor her legacy. This doesn’t have to do with mimicking a “rock star” Supreme Court justice, but about doing even better at what I already do well.

This is a gender neutral, age neutral and profession neutral activity (so it applies to everyone reading this!). Here is the question:

How can I do more to offer the best of
my talent to the world?

This may seem like an overwhelming ask. It isn’t. It’s about doing your best consistently and intentionally. By doing so, you will honor her legacy and feel great about contributing something positive. And this is a way to “pay forward” what she gave us.

Of course, few of us will achieve the renown that Justice Ginsburg received. That’s not the point. By doing your best, you will inspire the people within your immediate sphere. And if you do it effectively, your influence may be carried forth by them to the people in their spheres.

Yes, this is leadership. But maybe your greater purpose will be revealed. This can happen through greater consistency or perhaps demonstrating more passion.

I hope that from this context, Justice Ginsburg’s death spurs you to reach higher. And please feel free to share.

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