Open Your Mind to Change

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
– George Bernard Shaw

People who are waiting for things to “return to normal’ or “return to the way they were before” are in for a shock. It’s not going to happen.

By its very nature, change leaves its imprint and the next iteration of a situation is informed by the changes that shaped it. Change informs the outcomes of whatever it touches.

To flow with change, open your mind. Be prepared for the unknown or the unexpected. While the pandemic was the ultimate unknown for all of us, think back to how people you know handled it. Chances are the ones who adapted the best were those who opened their minds.

As you look at the next 11 months of 2021 (yes, it’s amazing that January is over!), continue to prepare based on your best estimates. Please don’t try to figure out, though, when things will “return to normal”.

Instead, think in terms of the foundation you have created to move forward, keeping in mind that change will continue to influence your path. The pandemic created immeasurable difficult situations, but there are also unexpected positive outcomes that have happened in most businesses.

Many businesses have meaningfully changed their overhead structure and have learned to revamp their processes in ways that are more cost-effective. Others have made some great hiring decisions that may not have happened in “normal” times.

Capture those positive changes and see how they might inform other decisions you make in the months ahead.

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