No Room for Quitters

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

We’ve all heard this expression, but don’t necessarily see the “tough” in action. Have you noticed the difference between people who tackle something difficult and reach the end result versus those who are overwhelmed and just want to call it quits?

Unfortunately, the latter is the lion’s share of the population. People just don’t want to work so hard, and they’ll come up with various excuses depending on what will most effectively mask the fact that they’re actually quitting.

You can see this in your co-workers, employees, and even from family members (teenagers, anyone?). The lament, “it’s just too hard”, is heard way too often.

Leaders can’t afford to have quitters, so changing this starts with you. The self-motivation that takes you to the end result is something that your people will observe and hopefully, will take time to model.

Here are some tips to get better at being one of the “tough”:

+ Break problems into smaller chunks and resolve one chunk at a time.

+ Ask for help whenever it makes sense.

+ Work on a deadline: you want to achieve x results by y date will help you move forward.

+ Have an accountability partner to help you stay on track.

+ Review your results regularly so you can chronicle your progress.

There’s no place for quitters in a competitive environment, so strive for greater accomplishments – both personally and with your team – so you can reap the rewards of fortitude.

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