No Regrets

Have you ever looked back at decisions you made and second guessed what you did? Of course you have. A wonderful client and friend inspired this topic recently. She has crystal clear clarity about living life with no regrets.

Although this philosophy typically arises in the context of personal decision-making, it has many constructive applications for leaders.

A focus on regrets will bring you down, while an approach of calm and contentedness will keep you centered. When you constantly lament what you’ve done, decisions you’ve made, and actions you’ve taken, you’re mired in everything from bitterness to disappointment. This has a ripple effect from you as the leader to everyone you work with.

The choice is yours.

The key to this is intention. If you intend to lead with a mindset of no regrets, you reap the benefits of confidence in your decision-making, clarity about the consequences, and living in the present.

You learn from your mistakes without berating yourself for having made them. You are accountable for what you do without judging the consequences. You take calculated risks without second-guessing if it was the right decision.

Not only will a no regrets mindset build your confidence, it will give you more of an edge as a leader. When you stop looking back and worrying, you’ll convey a more positive energy and presence.

Evaluate how you could benefit from no regrets and start with small changes. Like anything else, it takes practice and consistency for a change to take effect. It’s well worth the effort, though, so go for it!

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