New Year, Fresh Start

Welcome to the new year where things seem more like “same old, same old” instead of new and fresh. Although we’re still operating in a challenging external environment, you can create new energy that can result in a fresh perspective.

The new year provides a metaphoric reset, so take advantage of this. There are numerous things you can do now that will not only set your direction, but will create a new tone for the year and help boost morale as a consequence.

Where to start? Here are some examples that can trigger ideas for your specific situation:

  • Are there initiatives that fell off the radar last year that are worth rekindling?
  • Do you want to update some of your processes?
  • Does your company have available positions that need to be filled?
  • What needs to be cleaned up?
  • How do you communicate, especially if you’re working with a remote workforce?

Don’t even think of doing this alone! Engage your management team and ask them to lead segments of this new year reboot.

Solicit their ideas in an open forum where every idea will get some airtime. Practice active listening: you may not like a particular idea, but when you’re truly listening, you or someone else may hear the germ of a completely different idea that has potential.

The economic and pandemic related challenges are still front and center. But the theme of “new year, fresh start” is a way to approach the year ahead and layer on fresh thoughts and ideas.

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