Manage Your Time By Managing Your Mind

So many people are stressed by massive to do lists and not enough time to complete the important tasks. Everyone knows how to manage time….but….often it just doesn’t happen. It’s not because you don’t know how; it’s because you don’t make it happen.

When you manage a staff that has multiple moving targets (including those massive to do lists), support them by helping them focus and stay focused. Implementation happens much more effectively when people concentrate.

+ Advise your team to focus on the tasks that are mission critical and set up time lines where each step is prioritized sequentially.

+ Cluster activities that are similar. The energy expended tends to be the same, which helps move along the activity.

+ Close your browser and email manager to avoid distractions. And, yes, move or turn off your cell phone, too.

+ Identify what you ideally want to complete in a hour and set a timer. You’ll be surprised what can be completed in an hour when you’re working against a timer.

+ If co-workers interrupt you, ask if you can get back to them at a specified time so that their questions or concerns don’t derail your concentration.

These points all have elements of managing your boundaries. The easiest way that boundaries get pierced is when you remove attention from your priorities.

Think of managing your time as managing your mind, and you may be pleasantly surprised to immediately see a higher level of results.

Have a great day!

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