Making Do With Less

As the reopening continues, leaders are once again facing new situations. The “current normal” (I don’t want to call it the “new normal”) is about making do with less. Fewer people are doing the work of many. Expenses are under scrutiny.

Leaders have been inevitably stressed with the myriad difficult decisions that have been made in the past several months. But it’s important to remember that everyone is stressed.

People are suffering from the fatigue of sheltering from home….from working remotely….from juggling child care….from reductions in salary and furloughs.

This isn’t news. What has changed is the level of weariness.

You may use a “business is business” leadership approach. But as we move forward, here are some things to consider.

+ Acknowledge the accomplishments, no matter how small they are. By being transparent and recognizing progress, it will provide hopeful moments to your staff.

+ Ask for feedback about how processes may be handled more effectively and efficiently. This is as good a time as any to streamline and improve.

+ Solicit ideas for new business opportunities, even if they are a little off the beaten track from what you normally do.

Engage your employees as much as possible as you move forward. Feeling engaged goes a long way to offset the stress and the challenges that people are going through.

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