Love in the Workplace

Did that title get your attention? I hope so, because love in the workplace is all about appreciation. Why not use the Valentine’s Day holiday to enhance your professional relationships?

Be generous in expressing appreciation to colleagues, team members, and clients, in fact, anyone you value. This can be as simple as “thank you”.

Be sincere. Don’t give someone a “drive by” thank you. Take the extra time to establish eye contact and say it like you mean it!

I was speaking with a client’s assistant the other day and thanked her for always taking good care of me. She was grateful for the comment, and politely added that she strives to take good care of everyone.

This has a ripple effect of good will. When you make one person feel good, chances are high that the sentiment will be paid forward.

Some leaders disagree with this. They don’t think that “atta boys” are necessary, because a job well done is thanks enough.

I disagree. Yes, when people do their jobs well they feel satisfied. And it’s important to have the self-awareness to know intrinsically that it’s a job well done.

But acknowledgment externally validates the experience.

A thank you or some praise or recognition goes a long way to bolster your employees. This is especially important if yours is a high-pressure, intense environment where people regularly work hard.

As the leader, you set the tone. Showing appreciation reveals that you are someone who cares. Aside from this going a long way for your staff, acts of kindness make you feel good, too. And who doesn’t want that?

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