How Open Minded Are You?

Do you know people who have rigid views about most things? Conversations with them either turn into spirited debates or one-sided monosyllabic dead ends.

Even if you have a firm perspective on a given topic, when you open your mind to listening to an unfamiliar perspective, it can enhance and expand your thinking.

It’s beneficial to consider different points of view. It may help when you can “test drive” your new perspective during potential brainstorming sessions with your colleagues.

But an even better benefit exists, that is, expanding your thinking is good for your brain. Research in neuroplasticity reveals that simply thinking about different things can result in changes in your brain’s neural pathways.

Imagine what might happen if you consciously and regularly took the time to go outside your usual belief to understand a different position, experience something new, or consider something from a fresh lens.

This concept is especially difficult for people who tend to be controlling. Despite the best of intentions, they see their viewpoints as facts. Although they may claim to be open to other ways of looking at something, they do so from the perspective that their view is the correct one.

Apply this concept by asking people to share their views on diverse topics, especially if you know their perspective is different from yours. Listen. Ask questions. Be curious.

You may be surprised by the outcome when you put this into practice. Fresh thoughts that arise from thinking differently can alter your perspectives in other areas and benefit you overall.

Header image by Yan Krukov/Pexels.

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