Hiding in Plain Sight

Circumstances change. Often we need to reimagine or redirect based on those changes. I’ve experienced this recently through the eyes of several clients who created new positions and hired good people to fill them.

Then change happened. The positions aren’t producing what management originally envisioned, and they’re stuck in indecision about what to do.

This hesitancy will bring them down (and the new people with them). Doing something – especially with the understanding that such a situation is a work in progress – is always better than inertia.

The new employees are talented, eager, and willing to contribute to the success of their employers. Their managers are focused on what went wrong with the new positions rather than exploring what “could be”.

Ironically, these employees are hiding in plain sight, because their managers aren’t seeing the potential.

This situation can happen even if there hasn’t been a change. You’re surrounded by people who can to do a good job, yet you’re overlooking them because you aren’t envisioning what could be.

What to do? First, identify skills that you’ve seen from these employees. Ask them to also segment their strengths, including competencies that you might not have seen yet.

Second, talk to them. Ask them how they think they can contribute differently. Brainstorm different ideas.

Third, redefine their roles and be flexible as the new roles unfold. It’s likely that you’ll need to refine your course at some point.

Finally, stay tuned in and engage in two-way feedback about the new role.

Your decision to try something different – to envision a different future – can have a very different outcome well worth exploring.

Have a great day!


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