Have You Asked for Feedback Recently?

As a leader, you may find yourself giving feedback as frequently as every day. Letting members of your team know about areas of their work that they could improve on is integral to your role.

How often, however, do you find yourself receiving feedback? The likely answer to that is very rarely outside of any performance review that you may receive. When you are in a leadership position, people might find it uncomfortable or out of place for them to give you feedback.

In order to help yourself and your company flourish, it is important to find ways to solicit feedback without putting yourself or your colleagues in a too vulnerable position. Here are some tips on what to do.

Work with an executive coach. Find an executive coach who will perform a 360 review. Asking your employees for ways you can improve might feel awkward. Your employees will not be as honest with you as they would be when talking to an unbiased coach who will provide an outside perspective and constructive feedback that can shape you into a stronger leader.

Create a modern-day equivalent of a suggestion box. Have an anonymous online platform where your employees can feel safe to suggest improvements in you or the company itself. This will keep the responses straightforward and more constructive than they would be without the anonymity. If you don’t have the technology to do this, do it the old-fashioned way with an actual box in a neutral location such as your break room.

Take a peer to lunch and ask for feedback. Showing them your interest in growing as a leader will encourage them to open up about ways you can develop. By the way, offer to reciprocate. This will solidify a more collegial relationship.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to act on at least some of the advice. Apply it to your work and check in to see if those that gave the suggestions have noticed an improvement. Feedback is the best way to keep evolving and refining, no matter where you fall in the business.

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