Good Service Should Be the Norm, Not the Exception

I think most people would agree that effective client service is inconsistent. While we may ruefully nod in agreement about this, it represents an opportunity for you and your company to shine.

My most recent vignette relates to nonsense over a prescription refill. This medication recently became available as a generic, which my doctor requested when placing the order.

For the next ten days this well-known national pharmacy approved prescription, then retracted and reverted to the branded. This happened 3 times! The service was a disaster.

We may not have a lot of choices when it comes to options under our health plans, but our clients do have options and they will exercise them if they are dissatisfied with our service.

The rule of thumb is that if you have a good relationship with your client, they will forgive you for one gaffe, but if it recurs, you must to step up and fix it immediately before the relationship tanks.

Our teams need to demonstrate a high consistent level of service and leaders can reinforce this in several ways.

+ Make sure your staff has tangible knowledge of what “high level of client service” means. Don’t just assume that they know this.

+ Proactive supervision is essential. Someone needs to check in to make sure the work is being done up to standards.

+ Reinforce and acknowledge when someone is doing something right.

+ Make sure you or another senior leader touches base with the client on a periodic basis.

+ If you get negative feedback from a client, pounce on it and rectify it right away. Go above and beyond to demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

A lot of this is common sense, but you know the adage, “common sense isn’t very common.”

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