Finding the Joy at Work

My mastermind group had a discussion about what has given us the most joy in our work since the beginning of the year. For some, the answer was top of mind, while others needed more contemplation.

Some of the answers related to meeting and exceeding goals, and others recognized the ease with which new opportunities have emerged.

It’s a great question and one that cause you to think. The timing of this conversation was especially interesting to me as I have a few clients who aren’t experiencing joy. One new client has built a successful business over the past twenty years and has no joy or passion for what he does.


Can you imagine what that would be like? How do you inspire and lead your employees if you feel that way?

Another client is suffering from morale issues due to significant turnover in the past six months. I asked senior team members what they would do to restore morale and how would they be able to measure it.

One of them responded that the measurement could be awakening in the morning and feeling joyful about going to work. Good answer.

Joy doesn’t have to be big and bold. It can be the satisfaction from going above and beyond with your clients. Or the pleasure of seeing an employee “get” a new idea and run with it. Or the completion of a huge project that came in on time and under budget.

Think about what gives you joy at work and how you’d be able to measure it. Please feel free to share any thoughts with me as I receive joy from your comments.

Have a great week!

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