Energy Management

It’s already the end of January, and if you’re like many people, you’ve been striving to hit and maintain a better stride. Achieving professionals are always trying to go up a notch, and January is the month when it’s most noticeable.

To keep your momentum going, scope out the year and see what you can do to gradually keep your momentum going each month. The key is “gradual”, so think marathon, not sprint.

If your stride is left to chance, there is a good possibility that it will become bumpy. (This even happens to over-achievers, so pay attention.)

A strong stride directly correlates with how well you manage your energy. Realistically, you can’t stay at a strong pace continuously.

This is not a linear activity. Include pauses, dips, and even standstills as part of your energy management.

If you know when you will take vacation this year, for example, plan for your stride to stay level, or even dip a little.

You can’t function at full energy when your tank is out of gas.

Remind yourself what works best for you to fill your tank…

…Dinner with friends
…Weekend away

Now make sure you do it.

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