Does Anyone Talk Any More?

Remember telephones? There has been such a shift away from using them that many companies discourage calling. Email promotions are sent without including phone numbers for more information. You need to click through the contact page of some web sites to find a phone number.

The irony of this, of course, is that the smart phone is the dominant communication device and it’s used far more for other things than for talking. Curiously, making calls is the fifth most used app on a smart phone.

Generational perspectives influence the use of technology. Did you know that Millennials surpassed Generation Xers as the dominant generation in the workforce in 2015? Just look around and you know that Millennials tend to be tethered to their phones…and they’re usually typing, not talking!

But I digress. Despite the unpopularity of making calls, your actual voice matters. Pick up the phone and call someone rather than sending an email to stay in touch or reconnect. In today’s environment, it might even be a marketing advantage: you will distinguish yourself by phoning rather than sending an email.

One of the more compelling reasons to use the phone is that you engage in dialogue. Yes, you can go back and forth by email or text, but it’s simply not the same as using your voice in real time. You convey a full range of emotions through your voice that are impossible to replicate technologically (at least for now!).

Electronic communication has its place. It’s great for some types of communication. When many people need to be in the loop on something, nothing beats email. If you’re confirming an appointment, a quick email or text is easy. When you send meeting minutes, it’s better than distributing hard copies.

The point is to remember to benefit of speaking to someone rather than simply “typing to them”. Surprise someone today by phoning them. Who knows what might happen?

Have a great day!​​​​​​

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