Clarity in Communication

Everyone is getting busier, which is great for business but perhaps more challenging in execution. This continues to be more complicated if you are working remotely or in a hybrid situation.

During the most intense periods of the pandemic, employees adapted and got the work done clumsily but effectively. What’s different now is the pace and higher levels of expectations. Business is returning to previous activity levels and leaders need to help their teams adjust to expectations.

So what’s a leader to do? These suggestions may seem obvious, but this is one of those times where it’s important to go back to basics.

+ Take “inventory” of your staff’s workload and see where, if at all, you need to make adjustments. Do you need to reallocate assignments? Do you need to hire more people? If you need to hire but can’t hire yet, help your people prioritize and even eliminate some tasks.

+ Review your expectations. Don’t assume that just because you may be returning to a level of pre-pandemic expectations that your employees know this. Take time to go over this with your team and solicit feedback so you know where the gaps are.

+ If people’s roles shifted or doubled/tripled up during the worst of the pandemic, clarify how these roles may be morphing now that things are busier.

+ Work with your peer leaders so you can better collaborate during these changes. Keep in mind that leaders feel pressure, too!

+ Where necessary, challenge the status quo and boldly make changes that will help your organization move forward. For example, maybe some of the procedures or processes that were previously in place can be modified or streamlined. Just because you always did something one way doesn’t mean that it’s the best way.

There are dozens more ideas, but these are good places to start. One last tip: even though increased pressure may correspond with a reduction in patience, make sure you stay patient during these changes.

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