Breaking Through a Blockade

Even the most upbeat, positive leaders hit obstacles. Ordinary difficulties are usually annoyances rather than true impediments. You figure out what needs to be done and you take care of it.

Every once in a while, though, you might hit a “blockade”. This can be considerably more intense than the usual obstacle, so you need to deal with it differently.

Here’s a scenario. You’re wearing your usual 3 or 4 hats as a leader and out of nowhere an additional responsibility appears like a thunderbolt and you don’t feel you have the bandwidth to handle it.

But, you can’t put your head in the sand and ignore it, because it will get geometrically worse for every day you ignore it. As busy as you are, you need to allocate time to come up with a game plan. Set aside an hour and follow these guidelines.

+ If you can’t concentrate in your office, go into a conference room or even a local coffee shop. Use this hour to focus entirely on the blockade.

+ Jot down several steps that will help you get to resolution. Don’t worry about the sequence; just record your ideas.

+ Once you have your game plan, identify what you need to do first….and set an appointment to do it.

+ Decide what you can delegate and how you will instruct your co-workers to proceed.

+ Set periodic review times so you can monitor progress and make sure you’re not spinning as you move forward.

If you feel especially stuck, share your concerns with a trusted advisor. Often, the act of talking will help you sort through a resolution. The bonus is that you’ll get some guidance from your colleague.

The biggest problem is inaction. Come up with a plan and get started. The rest will fall into place.

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