Be Present for the Holiday

Christmas is a couple of days away, and it’s time to take a long weekend and breathe. This December seemed to be one of the busiest in recent memory. Multiple deadlines, especially many that didn’t exist on December 1, mushroomed through the month.

If this sounds like your December, I feel for you! And if it’s feasible, I also strongly urge you to take a few days to regroup. No one can keep rushing endlessly, including you.

Hitting your internal reboot button will do you good. If you’ll be with family or friends, be present and enjoy your time with them. For many, this may be the first time in two years that you’re together. Make the most of it!

If fact, being present for the holiday can be your present to yourself. Take these next few days and slow down your racing mind by focusing on what is happening in the moment, not what should have happened yesterday or what you need to do next week.

Being present is at the core of mindfulness, which is a practice where you non-judgmentally stay in the moment. There are numerous examples of how mindfulness has helped people, such as overcoming the challenges of chronic illness to achieving higher self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Whatever you do to celebrate the holiday, try to infuse the gift of mindfulness. You will feel refreshed and renewed, and who knows? It might even stay with you in the year ahead.

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