Be Calm and Prepared

Leaders who stay calm in a crisis have superior results than those who get caught up in the anxiety. We’re all being tested by this with the escalation of COVID-19 cases.

Whatever messages you’re providing to your staff, it’s important to create an emergency plan so that you aren’t caught off guard.

If you haven’t thought this through, now is the time. Being unprepared will only create a bigger crisis when it’s time to execute.

Here are some of the key elements to consider:

+ What happens if someone in your office tests positive? You’re most likely going to close your office temporarily. Yesterday, for example, CBS News shut its New York headquarters for two days after two employees tested positive.

+ Is your technology working? Have a plan to forward office phones to your cell phones if you aren’t able to be in the office for a few days. Make sure you easily access your servers through remote internet access.

+ Do you have a communications plan? Create a plan for communicating with your staff so they don’t feel left in the dark.

+ Don’t forget your clients. Make sure you connect with them, especially if there will be delays in your service.

+ Find an industrial cleaning service. Prepare ahead of time for who you will call if your office needs to be deep cleaned and disinfected.

Finally, there are chronic shortages of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. Know that if you’re stuck, you can make your own hand sanitizer.

Being prepared will help you stay focused, which in turn will help you maintain calm during crisis. People are nervous, and your composure can go a long way to help others.

And remember: stay home if you’re sick and keep washing your hands.

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