Back to School

Ah, it’s the time of the year when millions of students in the US return to school. On my morning walk, I’ve seen everything from fresh new uniforms to the latest colorful backpacks. The students express both excitement and trepidation as they enter the unknown of new teachers and experiences.

Teaching has changed dramatically in recent years as technology complements conventional methodology. I was intrigued by a recent article in The New York Times which described yet another new dimension, which is how the sharing economy has been applied to the world of teaching.

The web site is a virtual market place where instructors can buy and sell course materials (most for less than $5) ranging from lesson plans to course-specific activities to quizzes. The materials are created by teachers, for teachers.

This site has given teachers the opportunity to leverage their knowledge (and make some money). It combines both analog and digital methods that provide educators with win-win scenarios.

In effect, is a massive knowledge library of best practices for teachers.

How can this concept inspire how you capture knowledge or best practices in your organization? Some of the best inspiration can come from outside of your industry, so see what you might glean from what these educators are accomplishing.

I’d love to hear your inspirations.

Have a great day!

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