Back to School

September has a “back to school” allure, even if you haven’t been a student for years. Not only are we reminded of it by omnipresent advertisements of school supplies and the like, but feelings are conjured from our own memories.

This is always a good time for a fresh start on whatever needs rebooting. Are there goals that have languished? A new project that was backburnered? A special initiative that will energize your team?

Psychologically, this is a great time to take on these things. Take an hour to unpack one such idea and rough out a plan to get it done. This might be just the thing that can propel you through other less exciting items on your agenda.

In addition to selecting something that needs a jumpstart, think about what is left on your agenda to complete by year-end. Although we have four calendar months to go, it’s more like 3 months when you take into account all the holidays. Make sure you delegate appropriately so the entire burden doesn’t fall on your shoulders.

Use the back to school energy for a fresh start rather than same old, same old. Tweak what will help you most, such as your organizational or follow up systems. Review your greatest priorities and make sure that you allocate the right time and pacing to complete them.

Enjoy the back to school spirit and work your way into a great fall season.

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