Are You Losing Sight of the Big Picture?

When you’re inundated by obligations and responsibilities that overwhelm you, what happens to your concentration level?  Things can appear right before your eyes, but you’ll overlook them because you’re in a state of spin and not seeing the big picture.

Your brain goes into overload, and you process the information that will help you get the job done in the moment. You may fail to see your work in the context of a wider lens, and this may have a negative impact on something you do later.

The state of being overwhelmed controls you instead of you controlling it. Your job is to change the dynamic so that you are in charge of your mind and your actions.

Being overwhelmed often leads to rushing or panicking, and your work can become sloppier than usual. That flustered feeling can cause you to lose control of your actions and become fearful of making mistakes, both of which are wholly unproductive.

What can you do when this happens? Stop. Take a breath. Change your environment. Something as seemingly innocuous as a quick three to five minute walk can get you grounded and refocused.

Hindsight is a great teacher. Have you ever noticed that once you are on the other side of your fear, you handle things much easier? By slowing your pace momentarily, you’ll see what you missed while you were feeling overwhelmed.

You know the expression, “you can’t see the forest through the trees”? This is what you want to avoid: concentrating on a few things while missing the big picture. Take that breath so you can recapture the big picture.

Have a great day!

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