Are You in the Swing?

We’re ten days into the new year, and as people have revved back into the work groove, many resolutions have already bitten the dust. This happens for a few reasons, but the two most important ones are that (1) people set unrealistic goals and (2) they try to do too many things.

For you to get into the swing of the new year, focus on one discreet thing. And the smaller the item is, the more likely you will succeed if you want to build an effective, new habit.

For example, instead of starting your day with 143 items on your to do list, list 3. You may think that’s crazy, that you have many more than 3 things to accomplish each day. Of course you do!

But if you focus on the three most important items and stay committed to accomplishing them, chances are high that you will finish them in a reasonable period. Otherwise, you will drift into finishing unimportant tasks just to cross things off your list.

This is an example of one small habit that will ultimately change your productivity if you stick to it for several weeks.

Choose the habit you want to modify and break it down in a way that portends that you will have a good chance at success. People try to do too many things – and too many big things – that after a day or two your energy is sapped, and you go back to doing things the way you used to.

Think big but make small incremental changes. Over the course of the year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish.

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