Are You Flexibly Working Your Plan?

Two months of the year have whooshed away and before too much more time passes, it’s worth taking time to look at what you’ve accomplished so far this year.

Are you on track? Are you pacing the way you expected late last year when you finalized your plan for 2023? What has changed and how are you accommodating those changes?

You can have the best plan in the world, but implementation of that plan is directly related to your work habits and behaviors. This isn’t just about time and task management; it’s about how flexible you are integrating things that arise that weren’t part of your plan.

If you add a unexpectedly large client, for example, you will likely invest resources in this new and potential relationship. In the short term, this means that you may have to reallocate people dedicated to other clients or consider adding to the team.

Or, one of your key team members has a family emergency and needs extra time off to support his family. Although short-term in nature, the absence of a crucial employee can have a detrimental impact that needs to be managed.

These are two examples, and both are situations that you don’t necessarily plan for. Both examples involve people resources. And in both cases, you need to be flexible.

How you lead in situations like these is critical. You can be proactive and guide towards success or you can dally and react later.

Obviously, the latter is a terrible idea, but if you’re dealing with other priorities, you may miss the mark however unintentional it may be. Stay focused on these kinds of anomalies and ensure that they don’t slip through your radar.

Header image by Ketut Subiyanto/Pexels.

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