A Moment of Joy

On Tuesday we received the great news that vaccine production was going to be accelerated and that most adults in the U.S. are likely to receive their vaccines by the end of May. It was a moment of hope, one that was shared excitedly among family, friends, and colleagues.

The next day, I learned about an extraordinary man, Gurdeep Pandher, a resident of Whitehorse, Yukon. Pandher received his first dose of the vaccine on Monday and celebrated by doing a traditional Punjabi Bhangra dance on a frozen lake.

Pandher is a dance instructor and if you visit his YouTube channel, you will see a variety of videos where he captures his teaching with some unusual audiences from the Canadian Armed Forces to the Municipal Police to dancing Bhangra to Celtic music.

I doubt that this joyful man expected his video to go viral. Fortunately, it did and being exposed to him can bring us fresh perspective. It can momentarily take us out of the pandemic funk that we’ve been dealing with for a year.

I’m fairly certain that Pandher would not self-identify as a leader, but that’s what he is. By doing what he does best and sharing it with a global audience, he has inspired people. He’s not looking for fame or recognition but shares for the joy of it.

I took inspiration from learning about him and hope that his video gives you a moment of joy.

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