A Little Think Time Goes a Long Way

My executive clients bemoan the fact that they “can’t get anything done” during the business day, and in fact, “the real work begins after 5:30.” Their schedules are filled with meetings, calls, email and putting out fires.

One study revealed that CEOs average only 6 hours a week working alone. Think about this: the day-to-day “stuff” dwarfs the strategic elements of the job.

You know this isn’t sustainable. And it won’t change unless you take charge of it.

One successful hack is to schedule “think time” on your calendar once a week and make it sacrosanct. When you get accustomed to doing this, it becomes integral to your success as a leader.

Once the designated time arrives, it’s important to be focused and to not be interrupted. Otherwise this precious hour turns into returning calls or creating a to do list.

Instead, think time is strategic and intentional. This hour can transform your work if you are consistent doing it.

You need to put different energy into this hour. Your thinking needs to be deeper and more intense. If you don’t process information differently or ask new questions, it leaves little room for discovering a better way to do something, let alone enhance creativity or innovation.

An hour of serious think time can yield amazing results. You’ll get more clarity and focus, which will have an impact on everything that you do afterward.

In a nutshell: a little goes a long way, so give it a try.

Header image by Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels.

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