A 3-Part Mastery Formula

One of my clients shared a success formula that has worked for his team. It’s by no means a “be all, end all” recipe, but certainly one that can be adapted for your employees.

The elements of the formula are: technique, strength, and practice.

Technique is learning the skill that you need to do a job well. It is understanding all the nuances and subtleties of a particular skill so that you fully understand its multiple dimensions.

Strength is building the muscle that you need to do the job well. You know what it’s like to build muscle in the gym, and the same thing applies when you’re gaining strength around a skill.

Finally, constant practice is what takes someone from doing the skill in an ordinary way to doing it in an extraordinary way. This ongoing practice is what takes you from being average to excellent.

To develop mastery, each of these stages needs to be pursued with the vigor that puts someone on the road to excellence.

Many people stop after they learn the basics. They learn what they need to get by, but don’t explore the facets. They get the gist, but not the juice.

Mastery doesn’t just happen; it takes work. A lot of it.

Be prepared to invest the time to achieve mastery through each of the three steps of technique, strength, and mastery. A half-hearted effort will backfire, so make sure you’re mentally prepared for this important effort.

Header image by Alena Darmel/Pexels.

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