Transitioning to Fall

The autumn equinox arrived today at 2:20 pm UTC (10:19 am EDT). For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is marked by shorter daylight hours and cooler weather. It’s still summer-like in New York, so the only real indicator of change is that it gets light later in the morning and gets dark earlier in the evening. But that will change soon.

Different cultures commemorate the equinox with various customs. So does the workplace, although it’s more subtle and much less obvious. I always notice a shift at this time of the year when the looser environment of summer transitions into a more settled and focused environment. It’s “back to school” in the workplace.

It’s a time when back-burned projects come to the forefront and leaders become more keenly aware that only about 100 days are left before the end of the calendar year. This becomes particularly sobering when you realize that you have limited time to complete your 2016 goals.

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